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Made To Inspire

She's Brown Like Me is a product line that is meant to remind every girl of color that you are not alone in your dreams, or in your wants.  Don't let other people tell you what brown people do and don't do.  We do it all.  Know that you are supported.  Even if you are the first, you most definitely will not be the last.  Follow you heart, follow your dreams.  There is nothing that you can't do.  Many women of color have done just that, they have followed what is true to them.  You are no different. They're all brown, just like you. Be authentic to you and walk in your truth unapologetically.  Our Instagram feed is a reflection, a coverage of our herstory that we encourage everyone to delve into.  They are amazing, determined women, each with their own unique inspiring story.  Please go past this page and research more about them all.


My girls love the pink lunch boxes.  I thought it would be a problem at first with three of them having the same thing but they have all made them their own by adding their own stickers on the side and back.  Thank you for such inspiring products. " 



Collingswood, NJ.   

"First, the folders really send out a positive inspiring message to young women to have lofty dreams, desires, and goals.  My daughter was really excited to receive them, an share them with her friends.  Her brother was jealous.  The quality of the folders was an unexpected and welcomed surprise.  They were high quality and sturdy.  I can’t wait to see more school supplies come out with the same messaging!"



Baltimore, MD

"Not only am I a teacher, but I’m a parent of a biracial daughter who finds it difficult to find things that  show girls that look like she does.  Everything is so bright, so colorful, so uplifting.  Keep it coming."




Phoenix, AZ

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